All in Unexpected

Where Was God When...? (Part 1)

I have a friend from college that I write letters with — old-fashioned, pen-and-paper, “snail mail” letters. We could talk on the phone, but because of where he lives, letters are the most preferable and convenient method of communication for us. Plus, who doesn't love to get a letter in the mail? Our letters are pretty infrequent, but that’s more because of my crazy life with three small children than anything else.

Several years ago, my friend went through a very painful and personal season of suffering, one in which the effects are still being felt today in his life. Trey and I grieved with my friend and supported him as best we could as he walked that difficult road. For years to come, my friend will wake up each morning with the reminder of that season of suffering, and I wonder if that the reminder might never go away for him. I hope it does, though. In the most recent letter I received from my friend, he divulged to me that he has walked away from his faith in Jesus.

Hope in the Unexpected

It was a year ago today that we entered what would become one of the most difficult and trying experiences of our lives. The sun shined brightly that 2nd day of September, and I was 30 weeks pregnant, my abdomen swollen with life. For all intents and purposes, life was normal…except that it wasn’t.