Where Fears Are Stilled

I sometimes find myself idly wondering how long the actual incident lasted. 7 seconds? 12? I know in moments of crisis, time seems to stand still, and those critical seconds of a traumatic experience seem to stretch much longer in our minds than they do in reality. 

Looking back, I know it didn’t last as long as I felt it did. The number of seconds could probably be shown with the ten fingers of my two hands. I spend 8-10 seconds everyday performing an infinite variety of different tasks, and very few of those short bursts of time ever impact me beyond the moment. But in this case, it’s incredible how a single digit number of seconds has been imprinted upon my memory and impacted my life forever. 

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#MeToo: A Darkness to Light Story

We had a clearly defined relationship, one with uncomplicated spoken and unspoken rules. There were straightforward roles, obvious boundaries — he the superior, I the subordinate. Around twice my age, he held a position of respected authority, trusted by others and expected to operate within the boundaries of that position. 

Except that he didn’t. 

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I Wouldn't Change a Thing

I can still recall the conversation with vivid details. I sense the pounding of my broken heart and remember the confusion in my muddled mind. I hear my weary voice as it trembles, and my body literally feels the heavy weight of physical grief as I remember my words. 

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Why Your Choice Matters to Me

With the title, “Is Iceland on Track to Eliminate Down Syncrome,” CBS news created a firestorm over this past week within the Down syndrome community around the world. Explaining that this near extinction of a people group has occurred through the use of a now popular and easy to use prenatal test, known as the NIPT, the news clip touches on the ethics and morality of using technology to select what type of people are born. Should parents have the right to choose whether or not they bring their baby into the world?

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Hearing Her Whisper in a Room Full of Shouting

It is a noisy time in which we live, and countless voices drift throughout our days and our nights. Unless we are among the most disciplined of people, the moments have become rare when we allow our souls the rest and quiet that they so desperately need. 

Instead, we consume. More and more, deeper and deeper, we fill the seconds and minutes and hours of our days with voices, words, images, messages. Often, we don’t even recognize that the media we consume is not only providing our entertainment, but feeding our affections. 

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