8. Desire

The late afternoon sun beat down on his neck, and beads of sweat pooled at his temples before sliding down his face. Every now and then, he’d swat at a lazy fly that buzzed around his head. He scrolled through Facebook on his phone, and after a while, he decided the charcoal grill was ready for the hamburger patties. He set his phone on the table next to him and hopped up to retrieve them inside. 

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7. Wealth

She hurried quickly down the hallway and entered the room with the words “Doctors Only” stamped above it. What a night it had been so far, and she still had three hours to go before her shift ended! Walking into the break room, The Friend took a deep breath. This was her first moment to stop and collect her thoughts since her shift had started nine hours prior. She always hated when her holiday to work was the 4th of July, especially when she was on nights!

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6. Wounds

Glancing up at the clock on his office wall, The Man realized it was a quarter ’til seven. He had been so engrossed in his work that he had not even realized the time! He remembered his paralegal, Tiffany, poking her head in his office at five to let him know she was leaving for the day. He’d told her he would lock up today, as he had a little more work to complete on a new case before he called it a day. He had gotten so consumed with this new case that he didn’t even notice his rumbling stomach or the setting sun casting it’s warm rays through his window. 

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5. Influence

Walking up to the junior high, she looked around nervously. Yet again, she found herself in another new school on another “first day” for her, but no one else. She had only lived with her aunt and uncle for five years now, and already they had moved several times. Sighing deeply, she watched as her warm breath became fog on this very cold day. She took several more slow breaths, trying to settle the butterflies in her stomach. She hated the first day at new schools.

The Sister pulled out the folded sheet of paper from her front pocket. Glancing over her class schedule, she studied the numbers above each classroom door and tried to navigate her way around the building. She did not want to stand out as being an obviously new student, but that was a difficult task to accomplish since this was her first time stepping foot into this building.

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4. Words

Glancing down at his watch, The Uncle knew he needed to finish up for the day and head home for dinner. His stomach rumbled audibly as he walked down the hallway, driving home the point that he needed to call it a day. He hurried his pace back to his office, anxious to get home to his beautiful bride of almost four years.  

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3. Deception

The Man took a deep breath, trying to slow his rapid heartbeat and to stay his rising temper. He massaged his temples with one hand while he pressed the phone to his ear with the other. He hated feeling desperate and vulnerable, but this is exactly how he felt at that moment.

“Meg, please don’t cancel on me,” he finally pleaded. “I’ve really been looking forward to this.”

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