He Is: Experiencing the Power of Jesus' Name

While this blog is usually reserved for the occasional posts I am able to write, I wanted to share about an exciting opportunity I have received. With the Christmas season quickly approaching, I have had the privilege of writing this year’s advent devotional for Well-Watered Women. Before I share a little about this advent, I wanted to first give insight into the vision behind it.


Earlier this year, while listening to a sermon on one of Jesus’ parables, I was intrigued when the pastor commented on how Jesus often taught through the use of parables, or short stories. Indeed, a cursory glance through the gospels reveals how Jesus frequently communicated to His listeners with these well-crafted, truth-packed stories. It excites me to think that Jesus would utilize the power of our imaginations to impart deeper truths about this broken world, the purpose of our lives, and the heralding of His kingdom. Even more, it amazes me to see how the stories Jesus told over two thousand years ago are timeless, instructing our hearts even today.

I’ve always been gripped by the power of a well-told story. An avid reader and a storyteller myself, I don’t often pass up on the opportunity to hear a good story. Stories, when told well, have vast and awe-inspiring potential. Stories can move us, stirring emotions which we might not otherwise have felt at that moment. Stories can inspire us, driving us to action where we might not have otherwise become involved. Stories can communicate truths to us, enlightening us on deeper things we might not otherwise have considered. As the blueprint for this devotional came together, these foundational thoughts on the power of a story helped to form the basis for its structure. 


Born from that vision and labor is this year’s advent devotional, He Is: Experiencing the Power of Jesus’ Name. This 25-day Advent Experience utilizes several components to engage our hearts, our minds, our imaginations, and our behaviors in the celebration of Christmas. A fictional story woven throughout its pages has been crafted to help draw us deeper into the biblical Christmas narrative and to illustrate the relevance of Jesus’ coming to our lives today. The four descriptive names of Jesus, found in the prophecy of His birth in Isaiah 9:6, are explored and unpacked in both the fictional story and in days of scriptural study. There are also days of reflection and experience, in which we are all challenged to put what we’ve learned to action.

Preorders are open now through Wednesday. Any preorders will receive a 10% discount, along with a gift of three Christmas postcards! Additional copies will be available for purchase, but the best way to guarantee your copy is through preorder. 

Thank you to all who take the time to read Chasing Genuine. It humbles me that you come back to my blog. I pray that my posts and this advent devotional might be used by the Lord to inspire us all to chase the genuine life of following Christ!